SABA Asset Management AG | Our Team
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SABA΄s team consists of six members. All have joined from UBS AG, Zurich, cumulating over 100 years of experience in the financial industry in favour of our clients.

André Meier



Business Economist KSZ

He spent all his career with UBS before joining SABA. In his 32 years with UBS he was always engaged in the Middle East, first as a Credit Officer, then as a Private Banker including foreign assignments in London, New York and 3 years Dubai as Head UBS Representative Office (1996-1999).

Daniel Stalder



Swiss Certified Banking Specialist

He worked with UBS/SBC for 26 years thereof 23 years in Wealth Management Middle East and spent 3 years at UBS Dubai as a Representative (1999-2002).

Thomas Verling



Certified EFFAS Financial Analyst

He acts as the Investment Specialist and Portfolio Manager of SABA and started his career with LGT Bank in Vaduz, Liechtenstein as an Equity Trader. Before joining UBS in 2002 he was Deputy Head Trading at Swissfirst Bank (Liechtenstein) AG for 4 years. At UBS he was a Portfolio Manager and Investment Consultant for 13 years. In May 2016 he has been appointed member of the Board of Directors of the social security fund of Liechtenstein.

Daniel Nef



BSC in Business Administration (Banking & Finance) at ZHAW

He worked 15 years with UBS before joining SABA. He spent 10 years in Wealth Management Middle East including a 3 year assignment as a Representative at UBS Dubai (2011-2014).

Mathias Wüthrich



EHL Lausanne Diploma in Hotel Management and Tourism

He spent his entire Private Banking career with UBS where he was part of the renowned Financial Education Programm (FIAT) with an international assignment in New York. During his 32 years with UBS, he mainly covered clients from Asia, Middle East, Africa and was specialized in services to the Non-Resident Indian community. In 2018 he joined SABA as a partner.

Ruedi Aepli



Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education in Banking and Finance

He worked 16 years with UBS and the last 13 years within Wealth Management Middle East. From 2012 – 2015 he was based in Abu Dhabi as a Representative for UBS. He joined SABA as a partner in 2019.