SABA Asset Management AG | Our Services
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SABA advises and assists clients such as private individuals, family offices and corporates based in the Arab world.

Portfolio Management

Clients are able to choose between discretionary and advisory solutions. Furthermore, SABA Asset Management AG is partnering with a number of very reputable banks in- and outside Switzerland which are acting as custodian banks for our clients.

Consultancy / Consolidation

SABA Asset Management AG is also providing consultancy services for clients who prefer direct dealing with banks but would like to draw on our experience and expertise for asset management services.

Special reporting including consolidation of multiple bank relationships can be provided on request.

Family Office

SABA Asset Management AG is assisting its clients in all aspects of family needs.

Wealth Planning

Assisting in estate solutions such as establishing trusts, family foundations and companies.

Corporate Advisory / Real Estate

Supporting and assisting clients together with external independent specialists on their corporate and real estate activities.



•  Capital preservation and loss prevention are our fundamental principles.


  Our ability to manage difficult market environments results in consistent, superior investment returns.


  We strive to achieve absolute, positive returns.


  Our aim is to provide our clients efficient access to leading investment managers selected by our distinctive best-in-class approach.


  Broad diversification, diligent portfolio management and transparent investment reporting are our core values.